praying frog by dan davis 30cm x 40cm oi
mexican duck 2000.jpg
mr whiskers_edited.jpg
sheriff cropped.jpg


My colourful wall mounted oil on boards are small in size. This artwork has a representational style but is modern in sentiment. A recurring theme is anthropomorphic animals, mainly cats, ducks and the occasional frog.
I observe the ancient practice of rubbing half an onion over each dry lamination of oil-based paint followed by an applied film of linseed oil. I use glazing to enhance details, although ironically after six months of drying time, I will often rub-down an image with fine sandpaper, this distress purges the idea of preciousness, exposes colour from the undercoating and unexpected tracings of textured impasto. The completed art is softer in appearance and has a pleasing flat smoothness.

This work is influenced by a recent wave of surrealism, technically realistic in execution, which has the faint feel of low brow art, with a kind of amusing ironic anarchy. I admit to drawing with paint instead of painting with paint. I do not regard this as a fault, rather a foundation on which to create new projects and to evolve future ambitions, with the diligent observation of other contemporary artists.

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