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These are wall placed, small, whimsical, representative in style, colourful, oil paintings.


I start off with a basic board made of pressed wood fibre, which is mounted upon a wooden frame of the same size. Once I have protected this substrate, I apply three to four coats of primer. My paintings are normally finished after four separate dry layers of oil paint, if the image still needs embellishing I use glazing to highlight and darken for a cleaner finish.


I like to think of Carousel as a gallery/toy shop with the sweet flavour of a village fate/fairground. This work is influenced by a new wave of surrealism, technically realistic in style which has the faint feel of street art thinking, with a kind of amusing ironic anarchy.

I admit to drawing with paint rather than painting with paint. I do not see this as a fault, rather a foundation on which to create new projects and to evolve future ambitions, with diligent observation of other contemporary painters.

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