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Rushmere pond autumn afternoon a.jpg

Rushmere Pond on an autumn afternoon

Oil on board (plein air) 12" x 9"

(Available) £290.00p Framed.

rushmere pond larger painting.jpg

Rushmere Pond September

(larger painting than normal). Available, framed.

16" x 12" £490.00p

sunny day on wimbledon common.jpg

Summer afternoon on Wimbledon Common

Oil on board (plein air) 12" x 9" £340.00p (Available)


holy trinity church roehampton.jpg

Holy Trinity Church Roehampton (plein air)

9" x 12"

Available £340.00p

small white framed

rushmere pond fluffy clouds.jpg

Rushmere pond with fluffy clouds

(larger painting than normal-available) Framed.

16" x 12" £490.00p

wimbledon common october.jpg

Wimbledon Common in late summer

Available £340.00p (plein air)

12" x 9" small white frame

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