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Can be seen on a lampost banner in Wandsworth Town High Street as part of the Wandsworthart  Framed project. (2021)                      SOLD

kitten by dan davis.jpg


30 cm x 30 cm               SOLD


Cowboyduck        SOLD

Praying Frog (almost sold)

symphony in green.jpg

Electronic symphony in green

sheriff cropped.jpg

Cowboyduck      SOLD


I create paintings that are modest in size and designed to hang on a wall, my preferred medium is oil on primed boards.


I procure pre-cut wooden panels and administer six layers of various acrylic primers, glasspaper is employed to this veneer to render a smooth finish, I then apply a layer of Thixotropic Alkyd primer which produces a surface with extra smoothness.

When painting in situ, my substrate is placed upon an opened Pochade box which in turn is fixed to a tripod. For studio artwork, I paint traditionally placing a board or canvas on an easel using an artists' pallet.


I have split my practice into two ways of working, In summer I like to paint outside directly from life. These plein air investigations are traditional representations of the environment in which I live which can be sold and enjoyed in their own right or used as a reference for larger canvases.  In winter and bad weather, I take these opportunities to work in the atelier, to develop ideas contained within a world of whimsical pop-surrealism with an added proclivity towards puerile sentiment.

This combination gives me constant involvement, improves drawing, composition, manipulation of paint, observation, and management of time. I ambitiously follow my artistic peers for inspiration and enhancement

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