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autumn crane.jpg

Rushmere pond


Wandsworth in Autumn light

DavisDan_St Georges Wharf Tower.jpg
wandsworth bridge.jpg

Wandsworth Bridge

jumbo jet 1000.jpg

St Georges Tower

Richmond park


My plein air paintings are wall mounted, oil on board with a wooden frame as support and small in scale. 


I paint scenes that are local to my home and Studio in South West London and Central London. This artwork is traditional in execution and is a sincere effort of representative sketching.

Small cut to size boards are coated with transparent acrylic primer. I use a selection of short handled brushes of various sizes and condition, worn brushes can be useful for effects. In situ, my painting substrate is placed upon my opened Pochade box which in turn is fixed to the tripod. I always stand when painting.


I enjoy working outside as it can be welcome break from the confines of the studio.  

This constant practice improves drawing, composition, manipulation of paint, observation and management of time. these works can be regarded as finished articles to be enjoyed in their own right, but the main function would be to used as a reference back in the studio for larger canvases of the same scene.

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